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    Which chain ring is the best?

    Sounds like I need a new middle and large chainring to replace the worn out XT rings, any suggestions? I want something as good as or better than the one that I am replacing. I do not want to pick up anymore weight than I have too.

    I have never done any research on these so I do not know what is good or not. And if I go with say FSA, which model do I need to get? I have a all mtn bike and do use it as one.

    Any help would be much appreciative. I have read the reviews but I feel sometimes they are skewed?

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    Go Deore in middle

    If I were you I would use the steel Deore m510 ring. It lasts WAY longer than ALU and never gets chainsuck. It's cheaper than hell and shifts just as good as the XT rings. They weigh a little more but the plus's FAR outweigh the minuses. As far as the big ring Use what you want or you can use the ALU Deore m510 big ring is you want to save some dough.

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    I'd replace all three rings. If the big and middle are worn out the small ring won't be far behind. Unless you never use the small ring for climbing etc.

    My recommendation for the XT crank set would be a full set of Race Face team rings. I've got a set on XT cranks that have seen two seasons so far with no appreciable signs of wear. A budy of mine is on his 5th season with that same rings and they're still going strong. They are light and very durable.

    If your crank is the standard 4 arm type and the typical 22, 32, 44 tooth, small, middle, and big ring comgination, you'll need a standard 4 bolt, 64/104mm bolt circle ring set. Price Point has the Team rings for about $65 for a complete set, including new chain ring bolts. Oh and they are MUCH better than the stock rings that come on the XT crank set.

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    I would run an Action Tec Ti Granny, and Blackspire middle and large ring.

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    You asked for the best. Boone Ti Chainrings. Expense and a long wait to get them.


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