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Thread: Chain noise??

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    Chain noise??

    I have a creaking nois on my bike which is driving me mad.... it's a creak that I think could be coming from the seatpost/saddle/seat tube but I'm not sure. Sounds like a crreak-crreak-crreak.... the more force on the pedals, the stronger the creak.

    I've noticed that my chain needs replacement as it's stretched and sometimes when I put some effort on the pedals it creaks. Another possible culprit could be the BB but I'm not sure.

    This noise comes generally by mid-ride (It doesn't happen since beginning of the ride - WTF?!) when :
    - I pedal seated
    - I coast seated
    - I pedal off the saddle

    Coasting while not seated does not produces noise.

    The bike is a Giant Warp '04 and the drivetrain is a 8sp shimano Deore with what appears to be a SRAM 7.0/5.0 cassette and suntour cranks. I use ATF as chain lube.

    Any hint??? Could it be the chain??
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    Check your pedals, too...and replace the chain, clean & relube your seattube, seatpost & clamp, take the cranks and bb off and clean & relube them and reinstall with proper torque. Why do you use ATF for chain lube?
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    I doubt that your chain is causing a creak, even if it is stretched.

    Most likely it's your bottom bracket. Remove, clean, and grease threads with some good marine grease or anti-seize compound. I use anti-seize on the splines of my bottom bracket and crank bolts too.

    While you're at it, remove your chainring bolts and anti-seize those. Pedals? You got it- grease away.

    Other things to check are your cassette/freehub body. Remove the cassette, clean the freehub splines, and lube the splined surface with marine grease. Put a touch of lube on the cassette lock ring too.

    Now you should have a creak-free bike that will be all slippery!
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    I just went through about 2 months of creak hunting on my faux bar FS. Yes seat would creak by the clamp but after going through everything I decided to swap my crankset, presto seams I had a hairline crack in the non ring side crank, it was a splined LX crank problem solved for at least a few hundred miles until I bounce the pedals off more rocks that is

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    Thanks Folks!!!

    Why do I use ATF??? Well, it's cheap and it works. Does not gum up on the chain and it's easy to clean.

    But... there are qualities... I've noticed this Bardhal ATF fades during the ride. I had used Roshfrans and Quaker ATF and those would not fade or get affected by rain/mud.

    Thanks for the tips. I'll lok into all of them!
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    Well, creak is gone.

    I lubed the chain more thoroughly than usual. I also serviced the main Pivot bolt and added some grease there.

    I still think it was the chain but I'll never know. I'll ride the chain unlubed for one more ride and see if that creates the creak... if not, it was the main pivot shaft.

    Thanks folks!
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