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    Cassette Fitament ??


    So I'm trying to install a new SRAM PG990 cassette on my new wheels with White Industires MI6 hubs and have some concerns. This is my first time fitting a cassette, so I'm not sure what the norm is. I have about 1mm of back and forth play between freehub splines and the 5 cog carrier. The individual cogs, maybe 20% less play. Pic that shows the gap below. Is this normal?

    Also, after putting the whole cassette on, the last cog sticks out showing only about only half engagement of the cog. It'll likely compress a little and improve things, but again, not sure. No spacer on the back of the hub and only 1 spacer to install between the 3 and 4 cog, as 1 and 2 are built in. I get two turns out of the lock ring before it'll get really snug. I would check my stock bike wheels, but I need to get a chain whip to disassemble and compare. Thanks.

    Cassette Fitament ??-cassette.jpgCassette Fitament ??-cassette1.jpg

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    That's all normal and good. There is always a little bit of wiggle room for the cassette to slide on and you want the last cog to protrude from the body a bit because that allows the lock ring to cinch down on the other cogs.

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    Cool, thanks. I watched a couple more videos online trying to closely watch everything in the assembly and it looks like what I've seen was very similar, so I buttoned it up and seems good. Now waiting for the Stan's tape and sealant to arrive to mount some new tires..............and wait for the weather to break.

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