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    cassette conversion

    i have a trek 3700, it has a 7 ring cassette. what would it take to convert it to a nine speed cassette?

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    Easiest and cheapest option is just to buy a new rear wheel with a 9-speed cassette on it. However, if you want to go the conversion route:

    Firstly, identify what you currently have. Remove the rear wheel and take a gander at these pics:




    Have a look at the notched/splined hole at the top of your cassette (where the smallest sprocket is) and compare it to the pictures above. Which one does it look like, A, B or C?

    If A, then you're out of luck as what you have is a screw-on type freewheel. These don't come in 9-speed versions. Eight was max and even those were like hens teeth.

    If B or C, then check your wheel to see if there is a spacer ring underneath the cassette. If there isn't, then the splined freehub body is too short to accept the taller stack 9-speed cassette. If there is, then you're in luck.

    Stuff needed to upgrade to 9-speed:

    9-speed Shimano or Shimano compatible cassette
    Chain whip
    Shimano cassette lockring remover
    Big adjustable spanner

    9-speed Righthand shifter
    9-speed chain
    1 Gear cable
    Probably the rear derailleur as well due to reach and the minimum size of the smallest sprocket tooth size that it can handle.

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