• 01-18-2013
    after replacing cage spring, problem with chain tension
    *** Please go forward to my next post on this thread for the chain tension issue.

    Theres nothing online about this, but i do see spare parts on the sram catalog.

    The cage spring broke on my 2010 X7 9 speed thats only worked 1 year & i have a brand new X5 rear mech that i saved for part after i broke it, can i remove the cages and install the X5 spring on the X7?

    How do i remove the cage? :confused:

    A detailed ansrwer will probably save my weekend riding, and will guarantee your place in heaven ;)
  • 01-18-2013
    The spring in the knuckle, not the parallelogram, right? The internal spring is replaceable, the parallelogram (external) spring is not.

    I can't guarantee that they are interchangeable, but there is a small clip on the knuckle of the X7 (and I'm assuming on the X5). You can pop it out using a small flathead screwdriver as a lever, but be careful, as it will go flying. Do it inside a box.

    The derailleur will then pull apart, again, with a bit of force, and likely send the spring flying. You will note two holes for the spring inside the knuckle--one is for high tension, one for low. You will have to set the spring tension, additionally, by winding the lower cage as you reassemble it (this part is tricky, as the stop is built into the knuckle/cage on X7 and below).

    Let us know how it works out for you.
  • 01-19-2013
    Warranty repair? You won't be good for this weekend probably but it'll be replaced. Maybe your friendly LBS will let you borrow a cheap derailleur for the weekend?

    I repaired the spring on my X0 rear derailleur. Yes, the parallelogram spring. I cut the broken link off and used pliers to bend it to wrap around the pivot. It works fine and actually improved performance with increased spring tension. The X0 has a titanium spring, which in theory should actually be harder to bend without snapping the metal.
    On the other hand, I could NOT get the cage off my X9 rear derailleur. I actually cut the broken long cage on the same X0 derailleur, then drilled a new pulley hole and made it a short cage.
    Good luck with your derailleurs.
  • 01-22-2013
    THANK YOU GUYS! you both been helpful! I have on more question as a result of the process.

    We removed the cage, replace the spring... got to the tricky part..tried 15 times.. and then decided to drill another hole. and then it worked.

    The result was a weekend ride saved! Plus today!

    there was only one spring hole to gegin withon the X7.. and now the spring is not as tight as it was. the chain is about 25% looser than average.

    My bike is a transition covert, which is a single pivot. so when the suspension is compressed on the tech stuff my chain gets even looser and gears are changing on their on.

    Do you think removing a chain link or two will retain the tension? when shortet chain will pull the spring more?

    Im running 9speed with 34 cassette and double ring 32/22 with stinger chainguide.

    or myabe to remove again and drill another hole?
  • 01-22-2013
    There are two holes in the knuckle, but they are not terribly obvious, what with the grease inside. Pop the spring in the knuckle first, then grease up the cage spindle, and gently set the spring into the hole on the cage. Wind the cage until you absolutely have to slip it over the stop.

    Full disclosure: the X7 that I am referencing is the older composite cage 10 speed. It may look differently internally.

    When it comes time to replace the derailleur completely, consider the X-9 or above, as the stop is removable from the cage, very easy to add tension to the spring.
  • 01-23-2013
    Thank you. on the X7 9 speed we did not fint that extra hole that we did see on the X5. Right now i wonder if shortening the chain on my covert would solve this as the tenstion is improving as much as the cage is pulled forward, a link or two not more than that.
  • 01-23-2013
    You could take a link (1 inner plate and 1 outer plate) off, but beware that you will effectively cut off the use of small-small; assuming your chain is properly sized (lots of threads on this, won't go into detail) you can bust your chain/derailleur if the shock compresses all the way in that particular combo with a shortened chain.

    If you never use that particular gearing combo, go nuts.
  • 01-27-2013
    Tnx! did that, and now its working sweeet :)