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    New question here. Bolt size for my rear derailleur hanger

    Hi, I need the screw to fix my rear derailleur hanger to my bike frame. The hanger is model #9894-4205 from Specialized, the hanger I have is in good shape but I need the screw, don't want to spend 20-30$ for a hanger when I only need some 2$ screws. Here is a picture of my hanger, as you can see my frame is broken where the bottom screw need to be, so if some one know the exact size of the screw or could suggest me a solution to fix it a better way it would be really appreciated.

    make some search on google and I think the bolt size would be M3x10 ??
    Bolt size for my rear derailleur hanger-img_20140910_133421.jpg

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    Go to a specialized store and see if they have a bolt or two in the spare parts draw. Often these are for the job, and of the few brands I've had over the years almost no 2 were exactly the same.

    Alternatively you could take the hanger to a bolt place, where they can look at the size and pitch and do something more than make wild random guesses.

    edit - of slightly more consequence is the broken frame. You might want to look at using some glue between hanger and frame, but there will be a lot of flex in that lower half nonetheless. Gear adjustment may not be able to be made to be perfect or smooth.
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