I try to keep this short.
Local Shop installed 2 sets of BB30 bearings in my bike (tarmac sl, sorry I'm MTBing roadie) The shop Damaging both sets by using wrong press, plus not using grease during installation. After 2nd set still creaked I decided to do it myself. Went to another shop bought bearings ask best way to remove them without special tools. He told me hammer and a punch. The drive side bearing was tough to get out, but finally did. Installation went smooth with piece of wood, vise and socket. First ride PERFECT, 2nd ride a little popping, third ride major creaking.
got home removed crank and the drive-side bearing came out with crank. The bearing can be pushed in with your fingers.
Something has happened to cause the bearing to fit loose,the shop or me, at this point it don't matter I just need to know is there a fix for this.