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    bb/chain device advice please

    hopefully all this information helps as im 10000% confused right now,

    Frame :

    Cranks :
    Cheapo cranks, they will do for now til i have more funds.

    Chainring :

    BB :
    Again a cheap bb but will do for now til i have more funds

    All i want is for it to all work i currently have a 118mm bb as i quote from the crc website

    " Question: what size bb does the frame take ?
    CRC Replies: 68 shell, Axle length depends on your cranks. 113 usually for a triple, and 118 for a single with chain device. "

    Which chain device should i go for ?




    I wan't to make sure whatever device i buy it will work with my cranks/chainring, and what size BB i need. Do i need 118mm ( currently have ) 113 or 113mm e-type

    Sorry for long post but im trying to get to the bottom of this so i can ride !

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    you need an e-type bb

    "e-type" bb's leave room between the frame and drive-side bb cup for a chainguide plate. you need one that's E-68x113mm (or E-68x118mm, though i doubt this size exists).

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