• 02-04-2008
    Bashguard compatable with boxguide?
    First off i tried searching but did not find an answer to my question on the forum or net.
    The problem i'm having is i have a truvativ boxguide on my bike and cannot get the bashguard to fit outside of the boxguide.It seems like the guard should be flared out to clear the guide.does anyone have a boxguide with bashguard on there bike?If so let me know what guard your using please.The bike is a SC Bullit and the cranks are hessefelts with a giga BB.the boxguide is a regular bottom bracket mount.

    EDIT: I guess thats a rockguard and not a bashguard that came with the crankset according to sram corp., so now my question is will other guards like E-13 fit with the boxguide?sram guys wont give out info on other manufactures and vise versus.


    As you can see here the top guide cannot fit behind the bashguard that came with the crankset.

  • 02-04-2008
    The only way that you can use the BoxGuide with that bashguard is to unscrew the four bolts in the 'box' section and remove the piece that they hold in place. Do an advanced search for 'boxguide' in the SRAM forum and you'll find a thread with pictures.
  • 02-04-2008
    Thanks for the reply.I read the thread you posted before and was hopeing to use the setup properly.something does not seem right.
    EDIT: omg i just found what im looking for, that thread about takeing the boxguide apart is stupid and is put mute by this.I hope this helps others with the bashguard/boxguide problem