Hi All,

I am working on building a Salsa Timberjack from the frame up, and have an XT M8000 1x11 drivetrain. I already have my parts, just waiting for my frame.

What system would work? The bike I am building is set up for a 1x11 chain line, so I don't want to modify the crank in a way that would compromise this. Also, there are no tabs on the frame as far as I can tell.

I think the BCD is 96 and know Wolf Tooth apparently makes a system, but I can't find any photos of the setup, or tell how it may or may not affect the chain line.

Any help is much appreciated!

In other news, if anyone has a line on a Timberjack 27.5+ XL frame, please let me know! I bought all my parts thinking these frames would be available 1-2 months after the completes, but have heard from Salsa that all framesets are sold...before the bike even came out...for the whole year!