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Thread: Bad idea???

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    New question here. Bad idea???

    Okay,my rear gears won't change,at all,cable is FUBAR. So i ordered a new cable from performance bikes,they say it will be in about a week from tomorrow,I downhill ride and only need one gear for a session. Is it a bad idea if I just move the chain manually to the gear i want?

    (long story for a quick question)

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    Nope, there's no problem as long as you can get your chainline right with the RD. If you can't then just ride in whatever cog the RD wants to be in and just screw it.

    You might not want to do it while you're going 35 through switchbacks, though...just a thought...

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    well,it's stuck on the biggest ring (low gear?) so downhill would be a no,THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I hope my friend gets his Derail. hanger soon,ready to ride!


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