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    Any chainguide out there that doesn't suck? :)

    Hello people,

    I've been looking for a single-ring chainguide lately, and have collected some internet evidence that most of them, if not all, suck.

    LG1+ - on taking a hit, the frame bends, since the bashguard is attached to the frame, not to the crankset. Go get an SRS+.
    SRS+ - the bashguard, despite being attached to the crankset, bends and breaks easily. Go get a Straitline Silent Guide with an aluminium bashguard.

    Silent Guide - chain suck occurs with the lower guide. The frame bends due to being too thin and having too many cutouts. Go get an MRP.

    MRP - the integrated bashguard breaks, everybody says that.

    Now what, DMR Viral is a steel monster, Gamut something is heavy and ugly, what else?

    Guys, do they all really suck bad time like people claim on the internet in the shop review sections? Which one is the least evil?

    Thank you!

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    They all suck to some extent! Not that the designs are bad (well, some are) but just a limitation of the concept...
    That's why we started Wolf Tooth Components. We love riding 1x10 but hate chain guides. Once you ditch the guide, you'll never go back!

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    I've been running the Blackspire DER guide without issue the last 2 months. First chainguide I've owned since MRP came out with the massive orange roller design 10 years ago. No moving parts or complaints from me on the DER so far.

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    IMO, for full guides, the Straitline Silent is the best thing going, assuming it'll work with whatever crank/ring combo you're running.

    Mine has taken some very hard hits with no ill effects.

    If you beat on any of them hard enough, they'll die though. The way it is. IMO, if really worried about frame damage, something with a crank mounted bash seems a better idea. I'd rather mess up a bash ring/chain/ring/crank than a frame.

    What bike, what kind of riding? Do you really want/need bash protection? Would something with an upper guide only work?

    I've also got a newer MRP AMG on one bike, and a Micro Guide on another bike - both have taken some pretty decent abuse already, with seemingly no ill effects.

    I think the newer variations out there are much sturdier than prior efforts.
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    Great answer!

    Type of riding - honestly, going to learn to ride the bike "the sports way" from scratch. Mean of course we all can ride a bicycle as in "maintain balance and travel over a distance", but sports-like riding is new to me. I've been building and watching over my mother's CC hardtail for a year, studying the gear, you know. My bike is a 6f/6r inch full-suspension Mongoose (bought since it fit me perfectly in the shop) and since that's a burly frame (well over 3 kilos with a shock), I'm building it to take some abuse - well anything except freeride jumps, big air, or the real downhill, you know, that kind of thing. Of course it's 1xN (1x10 to be exact, since the latest and greatest stuff from Shimano is 10-speed), since I'm young and won't be climbing a lot. So, yeah, it needs a chain guide.

    Re the Straitline SG: does it really happen to suck the chain as some of the reviews claim? Mind you I'm running a clutch-enabled rear derailleur (Zee) and that is said to aid a lot in keeping the chain in control.

    The SRS+ I think I've crossed it out form the list, the bashguard is so flimsy you know, no idea how it's meant to take real hits - maybe it's intended to bend instead of breaking, who knows.

    Do I need a bash? Nice question, well actually I started looking into the bash-enabled options upon having learnt that the taco style chainguide bashguards tend to have their frame bent on taking hits. I can believe that, seeing as the LG1+ backplate is a really thin and skeleton-like. Opposed to that, the MRP backplates look pretty solid. But then, people say MRP's tacos are fragile.

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    I'd say you're perfect for an AMG. Seriously. They aren't that flimsy. Really. Unless you make a habit of consistantly and constantly nailing the thing on ****, I'd not sweat it. The need for a full guide is very much lessened with a clutch rear mech. For the way you describe what you want to do with the bike, they'd be perfect. I really have smacked the crap out of mine, no ill effects noticed.

    I'm now running all three bikes with top only guides and clutch mechs, no problems. Hardtail, 5" bike, 6.7" bike. Lots of drops and techy stuff, no chain drops. I have a Straitline guide on an older burly hardtail with a non-clutch rear -same thing - works beautifully.

    If you really think you'll need more hardcore bash setup, get the Straitline. Seriously, they are pretty bombproof. Most every issue I've ever heard of with them has been related to setup, NOT the actual guide.

    What frame? Does it have guide tabs, or do you need a BB mount? What crank and ring size?

    Don't over-think things. Just pick one that'll fit and go. If it doesn't work out, try something else. They're just bikes, man.
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