I'm a big fan of tensionerless SS and geared hubs, so when I saw the potential with the Haro Sonix frame, I think it was inevitable that I would try it.

I got the frame in the spring, but it took a while to build, and I've only recently had some saddle time on it. It is currently set up tensionerless with a 44:17 and a new chain, I'll probably have to file the dropout a touch to accommodate the chain as it wears. The Sonix chainstay yoke-to-chainring clearance is tight, but you can still get a good Rohloff chainline. The DUC fork is overkill on it, but I had it, and couldn't resist using it.

The ride is nice, this is the first time I've ever had the Rohloff on a frame with serious travel, and I now realize how little finesse you need to navigate technical sections with a bike like this (I ride alot of rigid SS). The suspension tuning is tricky (or touchy) on this frame, and it rides on the firm side, which is my preference anyways. Once set-up, its good, it just took me a while. In any case, I'd say this is a good candidate for a geared hub, and the only thing better would be if I could convince Haro to put the Rohloff specific dropouts on it.

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