I run a Sram 5.0 11-32 cassette, PC-69 chain and Rocket Half Pipe 8spd. shifters. The cassette and chain are new. All the time, no matter how I adjust it, my chain skips just a little only on the 12T cog. If I adjust it to shift smooth onto the 12T cog, than it skips on some of the other gears. My old 5.0 and PC-59 showed the same symptoms. I thought the upgrade would help. Should I run a 9spd. drive train instead of the 8/9pd combo that I have now? Maybe the narrow 9spd. chain can't accommodate the wider spacing on the cassette? I run a 2005 LX Hollowtech ll crank, XT rear der. my chainline is correct.
Any Ideas? Thanks.