• 06-26-2010
    2009 Cannondale Capo multispeed conversion
    Hey guys, just had a quick question about my new bike. I just recently purchased a used 2009 cannondale capo, single speed, as my first bike. I overestimated my leg strength when it comes to riding this thing up some of the medium- to large-sized bills aroun here. I was just curious about whether it would be possible to convert this bike to a multispeed, or if there is anything else I can do to make my rides more pleasant.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • 06-26-2010
    google sturmey archer 3 speed although i dont know the hub spacing on those things.

    or smaller chainring up front, larger cog in back

    42x18 is popular around here and i live in a pretty hilly area

    and you might want to head over to road bike review. they have a fixed/single speed thread.
  • 06-26-2010
    As the previous poster said, look at the size of the chain ring and rear sprocket. You go smaller at the front or larger at the rear to make pedaling easier. You may find that you then spin out occasionally. I run a 32x18 on my 29er and it is about right, although I do walk up some hills (as I expected).