• 06-13-2012
    1996 KHS Alite 4000 (Easton Elan ProGram3 tubing) rebuild
    I'm in the process of rebuilding my classic hardtail frame and need a little help with the drivetrain. A few years back I parted out the bike and now I'm wishing I hadn't.

    The original specs on the frame are a 68 x 110mm square taper bottom bracket. Considering it's getting harder to find square taper cranks and 5 bolt pattern chainrings I'm thinking about going back to something like a octalink or hollowtech and a 3x9 setup. Pretty sure when I had this built up as a commuter I had a XT splined hollowtech with a octalink bottom bracket

    The question though, what size bottom bracket/crankset can I use on this frame to get the chainline I need with a 9 speed cassette in back?

    Other specs, is it a 31.8 mm top pull front derailleur? Measured it with a micrometer and that's about what it comes to....just confirming

    Thanks for any help. I'll post up photos of my blue/grey/yellow beauty when it's back.
  • 06-13-2012
    Chainline back in 1996 (3 x 8) was 47.5mm. With the current external bearing cranksets it has changed to 50/51mm. If you buy a whole new drivetrain in 3 x 9 or 3 x 10 all the components will be designed around this chainline.