Vienna will become the centre of Europe's dirt jump scene

The well recommended Vienna Air King mountain bike dirt jump contest will take place on April 19th & 20th the third time. Europe's best riders will perform their newest and most spectacular tricks right in front of the picturesque Viennese city hall.

Following riders are already invited:

Amir Kabbani (GER)
Andi Wittmann (GER)
Benny Korthaus (GER)
Pierre Grawitter (GER)
Rob Jauch (GER)
Andi Brewi (AUT)
Nikolaus Leitner (AUT)
Mike Smith (UK)
Lance McDermott (UK)
Sam Pilgrim (UK)
Mischa Breitenstein (CH)
Pascal Breitenstein (CH)
Christopher Hatton (FRA)
Patrick Gumiez (FRA)
Mads Andre Haugen (NOR)
Trond Hansen (NOR)
Darren Pokoj (AUS)
Damjan Siriski (CZE)
Martin Söderström (SWE)
Nick Pescetto (ITA)

For more information:

Seems like a nice event!