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    Upset HELP NEEDED BADLY!!! Can't ride: Terrible noise and no power on older Saint

    - I just posted this on brake time forum but as I'm in such a distress I'm spreading ti here as well, so sorry for that -

    SO my front brake - older Saint - is making noise so bad I don't want to go riding. So that's pretty bad! It's not the usual disc brake noise. it's something much louder. It also doesn't brake well. My rear brake is as silent and as powerful as it should and I love it.

    The weird part is I have changed the pads and the rotor and have re tightened the caliper many times so the position would be correct/different.

    One thing I haven't tried though is to try another wheel with the same rotor..

    But if it's not the pads, rotor or wrong position of the caliper what could it possibly be?!? Anybody had or heard about similar issues with disc brakes or specifically with the older Saint model?

    Hope i can fix this soon as I really love the brake when it works and I want to go riding... NOW!!!

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    If it's not as powerful as it should be the first thing that comes to mind is a bleed. But you also said it's making a noise. You didn't describe the noise, but I'm going to assume it sounds like something is rubbing. I would pull the pads and look for imbedded debris. If a small rock, or glass or whatever beds itself in the pad it can rub the steel rotor and sound horrible.

    You may have also contaminated the pads. Clean your bike with any chemicals lately? If you think they are contaminated, toss and replace. Otherwise pull the pads and inspect them closely. Clean everything with isopropyl alcohol and carefully reassemble. Check for loose rotor bolts, break adapter rubbing, warped rotor, anything making contact where it shouldn't.

    Just taking a total shot in the dark here. Good luck.

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    If it's a really loud squealing when you pull the brakes, might be you got mineral oil on the new pads...did that with my wife's new brakes...shortened the line, got oil on the pads by accident, squealed like a pig, and no power...

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    I know you said you changed your pads and rotors, but pull the new pads out and look at them. If they are blackened they have been contaminated again, which means you likely have a leak in your pistons. You would then want to warranty or rebuild the caliper. Does the brake feel firm when you pull on it? Let us know what you find!

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