• 12-10-2012
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    So it's been a little over 3 months now and it was my first day back.. I was hitting the berms harder and smoother than I ever have before.. I hit some jumps/hips and felt super smooth too but didn't want to hit the jumps up too hard on my first day back. All in all, felt awesome to be out riding again... My skills improved by sitting on my ass somehow, so yeah I did experience something similar!

    Man, you have no idea how encouraging that is to me right now. I destroyed my elbow almost 3 months ago, had to have surgery, and am still waiting for the Dr to clear me to put weight on it again. Bones are healed up, ligaments are not. It's been a long and painful couple of months with a lot of PT, but I'm hoping I can get back on the bike in 2 weeks.

    Glad to see you're riding again! :thumbsup:
  • 12-11-2012

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    Youthful, good genetics and being intelligent about recovery by ignoring doctor's orders and proceeding with walking/other activities as soon as I was able to :)

    For example - they said cast for 4 weeks..... I used it for one before I could walk somewhat with no limping.. doing stretches and light exercises (using my bodyweight only - like lunges, squats, etc) everyday...Every bit of "new" medical advice I could find about sports recovery is the sooner you can do something, the better.. Unlike most doctors advice which is isolate, ignore, and rest.

    I probably could have been back even a month ago - I just wanted to give it extra time to heal.

    Today I pretty much have no symptoms of injury other than my tibia has a little bit of "give" to it from my PCL being stretched... pretty happy how everything turned out.

    Thats good news man :thumbsup:
  • 12-11-2012
    Great to see you back on the bike! Quick question, how was your impression of the makulu? I'll be building one up soonish, I read reviews and such, but would still be nice to hear the opinion of someone who I know rips harder than most.
  • 12-11-2012
    How'd you convince the wife? haha

    Getting back on the bike is always a wonderful feeling!
  • 12-15-2012
    i guess i can still throw some whips :D what a fun day to ride... so tacky.

  • 12-15-2012
    Glad your back man ! As soon as the season starts up here in NJ ill be back too lol :)
  • 12-16-2012
    yeah!! the tranny berm is so nice now that it was rebuilt. ya can just rail it to g line
  • 11-27-2013