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    Stan's w/ WTB LaserDisc DH's???

    Anyone try Stan's with WTB LaserDisc DH's? Sounds like a GREAT way to drop some weight by losing the tubes (I'm running triple thick Intense DH tubes that weigh a TON in the rear) but I'm not about to go out and buy an air compressor just for that and also the mess (I've read about) every 2-4 months has me wondering if it would be worth it? Comments please. I use Nevegal 2.5 DH's on my M3.

    Also considering Stan's Flow wheels for my Blur LT all mtn machine. Would I need to run Stan's sealant with those too or not? Are they good wheels? I like the width, low profile and low weight but heard they use less tension and can be more prone to truing issues?


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    Stans rim

    Answering some of your question:
    To run a regular tire on stans rims with sealant you could go to a gas station to mount the tire but if you have to change the tires without a compressor you can cut a rubber strip from the top of a bmx tire or the inside of a 24" tire and place it inside the stans rim (poke a hole above the valve). When the tire bead hits the rubber on the strip it becomes possible to pump it up with a regular hand pump. Its a 50g penalty but worth it if you need to change tread in a hurry.
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    I run WTB Dual Duty Rims, and while not the same model as yours, I am super sketchy about running tubeless with ANY WTB Rims. We tried 3 times and did everything we could to try and make my bike go tubeless but no luck.

    Do your research before you spend money on Stans.
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