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    Specialized SX Trail 2005

    Hello, I have a 2005 Specialized SX Trail Floating around and it doesn’t get used, I have had this crazy idea to turn it in to a 'PIG' DH Bike, Was just looking to see if anyone has done this or if anyone has any ideas and I will post progress. Would like it to be a fairly Budget build. Should be able to get hold of a set of 888 Double Crowns off a mate to start. Looking for Ideas. Thanks

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    too much travel will kill the headtube.
    Specialized SX Trail 2005-p4pb5428691.jpg

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    Is that one of those new folding Specialized bikes? It's a shame you can only fold them up once.

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    put a totem on it. not dualcrown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SamL3227 View Post
    put a totem on it. not dualcrown.
    A Totem has the same A-C measurement so same leverage as that 888. It's also neary as stiff. I recon its got an equal chance of ripping your headtube off. That generation of SX Trail was barely strong enough for its intended use, remember the broken chainstays? It's not to be confused with the recent version that came with a 7" fork.
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