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Thread: SDG I Beam

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    SDG I Beam

    My current seat is broken and was thinking of replacing with a I beam. Thinking of putting the Bel Air on. I read that some people have had issues with it snapping. I'm not sure if this was a early issue or if they are still having problems. Looking to see if anybody has some real life experience. Thanks

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    I've only had issues with the BelAir SL. The nose section is pretty thin so it can snap if you case a jump hard (done that) or if you carry the bike by the nose of the saddle (also did that one). I imagine the iFly would have the same problems since it just as lightweight. It's not a big deal but they can break in a hard hit situation (like most any superlight item). I've been running the Formula FX and Duster saddles with no problems at all though.
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    3 of us are riding the Bel Air SL's without any problems for the last year and a half...I actually like this seat and it is pretty light at 185 grams
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