First, a disclaimer:
1) I've only got one ride on it (2.5 hours in Santa Cruz - including some sessioning on Z's - I felt a bit dorky wearing a chest protector out there, but it was a good place to do my first ride),
2) no crashes yet - yeah, yeah, that's when I'll find out just how well constructed it is, I know - but the pad-placement, materials, and construction seem excellent
3) yes, my team is sponsored by RG so I got it at a discounted price.

If you can get past all of that and still believe me: I LOVE THIS THING - and would have had no problems paying full-pop for it. Really, I think two biggest reasons why I really like it so much are:
* the attachable Hydropack is absolutely ingenious. It's exactly what I wanted without even realizing it. This is really the big differentiator for me with this thing - I don't know of any other chest protectors with this feature, and it's really, really nice.
* it's burly, yet pretty light and comfortable.

I did a fuller review in the review section (comparing it to what I'd usually use at Northstar: my Thor MX chest protector with a Camelback strapped to either the inside or outside):