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    New question here. RG Flak Jacket or TLD Descender Protector

    Hey all,
    Im looking to get a protective suit. I have narrowed it down, based on quick availability, sizing options, and of course looks to these two options:

    Troy Lee Designs Descender Protector
    RockGarden Flak Jacket

    I searched for reviews, but came up short on the Troy Lee.

    I doubt that many people have tried both, so itd be great if you could at least let me know some of the negatives you might have experienced with one or both.

    Im also interested in fit. I am 65 230, so most stuff is either tight all around, good in the chest and short in the arms, or baggy and OK in the arms. Any thoughts there?

    Thanks a bunch!!!

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    Really the main difference in the two is that the TLD doesn't have any hard armor in the chest. That's actually one of the reasons I steered away from the TLD. I actually ended up buying a Dainese instead.

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    the tld is hot as **** also. the flak is a nice pick.
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    My vote goes to the Flak

    Better pad design in the chest and rib area, and tons of straps for perfect sizing. Mine fits like a glove.

    I'm 6'2 somewhere around 210 right now, and a Large Flak would fit a guy your size no prob unless you have a freakishly long torso

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    Thanks for the feedback. Based on your replies and additional reading I'm thinking the Flak Jacket is definitely the way to go.


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