• 10-14-2012
    Drth Vadr
    Product Review: Scott's 450 Pursuit jacket
    I picked up a Scott 450 Pursuit protection jacket last week and had a chance to test in today. The sizing used by Scott is S/M and L/XL. Well lets just start off saying, I'm glad I didn't pay the $200 retail it cost. Over all it did it's job, but at the normal $200 retail there are to many better options in the same price range and cheaper. As a disclaimer, Scott also has a cheaper version for $140 that is basically the same without a few features and maybe better lumbar support belt.

    Since I ended off with the belt that sounds like the best place to start since it's the worst thing about the jacket. It has no kidney protection and it doesn't even act as a lumbar support. Basically just a elastic band that stretches to far, out of shape and doesn't stay in position as you can see in the first 2 pics. Now it holds the back protector in place fine, but for $200 retail; kidney protection or lumbar support should be a gimme. I can name a half a dozen jackets that provide that at well under $150.

    The second is the shoulder pads. These things are like boards. The jacket comes with different padding then is shown in the Scott product pic. In that pic it shows the padding that you see around the breast plate, forearm/elbow pad and at the shoulder joint. Speaking of the shoulder joint padding can anyone tell me what possible purpose does that serve? I think it's just fluff to make it look cool.

    Third is the forearm/elbow pads. Now, I wasn't displeases with them, but I just didn't get the extra crap between the forearm and elbow cups. That extra crap binds up and prevents proper articulation of the elbow making them feel like the elbow padding found in a sportbike jacket. They stayed in place, even during crashes and were over all comfortable.

    What I did like with no complains was the back protector and the breast plate. Both were comfortable, nice looking and low profile. The back protector is suppose to be brace compatible according to Scott's web site, and from what it looks like a EVS neck brace fits as is without taking the top section out (if it works that way?)

    Another good thing about the jacket are that the sleeves are removable, which is why I took the plung in the first place. It's made well even though Scott went cheesy with the belt.
    All in all this thing is a far cry from being worth $200 and even at the $114 that I paid I would definitely not say geronimo again. This will do for the last 4 weekends the lifts will be running: just as long as it keep Murphy's Law at bay, it will be worth it........but I don't recommend anyone to waste their money. Just about every jacket out there comes with a kidney belt/lumbar support and at $189, the A* Bionic 2 jacket craps all over this thing; plus about another dozen jackets in the $150 and lower price range.