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    I just got the bearing kit, and it is missing the 2 large bearings. Came with 6 smaller ones only.

    Is there a number for these guys? They don't seem to answer their emails.

    Also, is there a diagram that someone managed to find somewhere about how all the parts go?

    Thanks in advance.

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    UPDATE on bearing replacement: [summary, I needed to replace only the 3 smaller bearings on outside of pedal]

    1. Ordered the kit, shipped timely, arrived timely, all there... Holy sh1t! no problems yet.
    2. Begin replacement: Aww crap, each bearing's outer race is still inside the pedal body. HTF will I get these out?
    3. Write email for help to Point 1. (that's like writing a letter to my dead grandmother. Though it would be great to get a response, really not expecting one.)
    4. I think I messaged through Facebook too (same dead grandma lack of response)
    5. contemplated blasting them on Facebook to elicit a response but figured "I'm a smart guy, I can figure this out"
    6. Tried various attempts at bashing them out with a myriad of tools, at every angle possible. Just could not get a good enough lip/grip on any edge to make the effort worthwhile. Sat on this for awhile.

    Then it hit me! Mother****1ng science! I looked up the metallurgical properties of alu vs. steel to learn some crazy ass equations with numbers I've never seen (looked like russian language) that confirmed alu expands at about twice the rate/size compared to steel. I went to heat these ****3r's up with my 450 degree (F) heat gun.

    Hot dam, the steel races practically fell out. See pic below. I love mother****1ing science.

    Point One Racing Podium pedals-p1guts.jpg

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    Point One Racing Podium pedals-dsc_0054.jpg

    One of my Podium 2 axle was heavily rusted after 6 months of regular abuse under extreme riding condition. The lube was totally gone. Possible explanation are: (1) faulty rubber seal which allow water to enter; (2) axle may not have lubed properly in the factory; and (3) excessive used of Mucoff after ride. Further investigation shows that the rubber seal looks ok. Excessive use of Muc-off would have caused the same problem on the other pedal. My only conclusion is the factory may have forgotten to lub the axle during assembly.

    Point One Racing Podium pedals-dsc_0067.jpg

    The other pedal was more fortunate, tip-top condition after 6 months of regular abuse. Podium 2 is one of the best flat pedals money can buy. Used to own Podium 1. Will not hesitate to buy again

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    hey, anybody here considering to sell his/her set of point one podium 2s and willing to ship them to germany or does anybody know a shop that still has a pair on stock? I know that gamut is producing them aswell but I like the machined finish way better :/

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