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    Opinions Wanted, which DH bike is better: Kona Entourage Vs. Banshee Scythe?

    So I have been doing a lot of DH riding and I think I want to get into it more and maybe even start racing some local races for fun. So after searching craigslist I narrowed my options down to a Banshee Scythe or a Kona Entourage. I will also be jumping it etc at my local bike park. They are both priced around $1200 and both weigh about 39 lbs, their pictures are posted bellow. I am curious if any of you all have any good or bad experience with these bikes. I have always ridden 29ers for AM or XC so I am interested to see how riding a 26er will be. Thanks

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    The Entourage because Graham Agassiz rides one...but what to I know...

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    Steer clear of anything named Kona... Snappy snappy...

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    The past few years, TheRage43 is right: Kona = snappy-snappy. Kona Operators and Entourages were seeming to fail catastrophically all over the place. I'm pretty darn sure that the Entourage that Agassiz rides/rode is not a production model. People were consistently breaking frames off of like 5-10 foot drops, and his was fine at the Rampage. But the breakage issues were pretty serious. Head tubes ripping off, frames breaking in half right in the middle... Lots of problems. I have heard better things about their new AM bikes, but I just can't trust them in terms of gravity bikes anymore.

    The Banshee seems like a decent bike, but I'm always a bit nervous buying a bike that has been discontinued for a while. If they used anything custom, like pivot bushings/bearings, linkage pieces, etc and you break one (which does happen)... you might have bought a big metal paperweight. Bigger companies have the financial resources to keep support going for their bikes for a long time. Smaller companies often can't do that. There are a few small companies that customers can have confidence in, like Canfield Brothers, but their bikes would likely be out of your price range. Maybe try looking for a 2012 or newer Giant Faith or Glory? They ride great, they usually cost a bit less than other bikes of the same quality, and they have a very good support system in terms of parts availability.
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