new easton havoc ust 150

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  • 12-19-2012
    I think its just keeping up on the spoke tension. Doesn't take a lot of maintenance other than that.
    Mine got loose and I rode them on some big doubles. Hence the outta trueness.
    But I've been keeping them tight and really good so far.
    The spoke needs to be held tight to turn the nipples or it will spin in the hub.
    Plus the spoke/nipple interface is unique.
    The nipple tightens BOTH onto the spoke and INTO the "nipple seat", which is reverse threaded.
    Neat little detail.

    BTW- fwiw, I run 28f/30r and 2.5 DHF USB Minions
    sometimes the Butchers
    But if you are a basher and brak alot of stuff these wheels will be too light for you.
  • 12-21-2012
    i am 95Kg, mine havoc 150mm wheelset is 1840gr ride it UST minion F! i ride 2.1bar and they are good!! the first pair i destroy in 3weekend with to low air pressure in tires.. the hubs are strong.
    but F24spokes R28spokes are a bit less! but if you ride, you feel the lightness very good!
  • 12-26-2012

    Originally Posted by Lelandjt View Post
    Here's a lighter, stronger and I think cheaper build:
    DT 240 rear hub, Atomlab Pimplite front hub
    32 DT Champion spokes, alloy nips
    NoTubes Flow EX rims.

    good to read that. I have a spare Ibis/Flow wheelset that I use for DH/park riding on my Mojo HD that have worked great so far (7 days whistler, week+ at Northstar) that's only 1850gr or so (20 front/135x12 rear) but thinking of getting a dedicated DH bike again (this time a light build as 42lbs bikes were nowhere near as much fun as my HD) so I was thinking of building a 150 rear with the new Flow EX rims and keep my front wheel. I like running Conti Trail King 2,4 (super large and only 950g vs 1400-1500 for DH tires I had) but tubeless setup. The havoc DH that are common on the DH bikes I've seeing are heavy at 2350+ and won't convert tubeless either... so Flow EX it is... cool, I'm not totally insane then....

    now if I can only friend a wheel builder around here... :)