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    i love your mom
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    This is my new astrix stryke

    The new ride
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    I need more time
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    odd colour

    but beautiful all the same. enjoy it

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    I wanna talk to Samson!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zedro
    no, but they are's like the fututre, where everything is really really shiny.....but still really just the same ol'crap

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    No coast freeride.
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    Rock Pounder Racing

    Sponsored by porn.

    Steelheads for sale! Trunk of my buddies car at the corner of Colfax and Mississippi, or email him at It's a freakin bargain!! (If you make your own bolts)

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    Quote Originally Posted by everett
    The new ride
    nice looking bike too bad it weighs 9.4 lbs for the frame alone

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