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    Maxxis Advantage or High Roller UST?

    I'm looking for a decent rear tire that should be about 2.3 wide real. I know 2.35 Maxxis tires are like about that real size, so I was considering a 2ply Minion DHR 2.35 60a from overseas, but seems that I'm gonna try better to get things inside my country, I have a Maxxis dealer here but with not everything exactly.

    Anyway, what would be better? I'm gonna do uphill, downhill, hucks and trail riding. The main conditions would be hardpack over loose rocks, sharp rocks, and flat pure big rock. I don't mind weight, my first concern is durability, next better low chance of pinch flats and last riding quality, the tire should last more than half a year from 1 ride every weekend.

    The Advantage is 2.4, it should fit tight but fit. However a Minion would be a 60a 1ply, I think some nice balance between grip and durability, the other option is a High Roller in 2.35 in UST, better protection to flats I think since it would be used with a tube and is 70a... don't really know how well would ride in the conditions I mentioned

    What would you pick and why? Which one would climb better?

    BTW, anyone running a pair of High Rollers USTs?
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    I've been running the UST Ignitor (2.35) all summer and it works great. I've used it mainly here in Phoenix (rocky, hardpack) but also up North in the mountains (rocks, mud etc..) and it worked well in all conditions. The rubber wears well and has fairly low rolling resistance. The best thing is I get DH type sidewalls in a lighter tire. I'm not running tubeless though, just the tires. I have a Highroller UST on one bike right now and while it's a better DH tire I prefer the Ignitor for all around riding.
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    Maxxis Advantages are fine for light freeriding and trail riding. Their thin singleply sidewall does not hold up to the abuses of DH and heavy FR. I destroyed mine within 3 days of getting my fun. Go dual-ply

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    Well... time to discard the Advantage

    BTW... I see that the High Roller UST is the one that has 70a durometer, anyone using it?
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    The ADvantage 2.4 is a great tire for grip but it does have thin sidewalls since it is a light weight tire. The single ply is fine but more sidewall rubber to protect the cords would be nice. Depends on the terrain you ride and how often you clip the side of the tire on rocks. Bottom line it is not the more durable tire on the sidewall. A cut tire is a cut tire which needs to be replaced IMO. A cut thin wall tire is probably a blowout so an obvious replace. A cut heavy tire is weakened and should be replaced.

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    Try ADvantage in the front and Bling-Bling in the rear.
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    I run Advantage front only, and a minion dhr 60a 2.35 rear (or HR). Its a good combo, and the Advantage is a VERY good front tire.

    I also run a 2.7 tacky dhf / 2.5 60a dhr @ Keystone, another great tire combo...

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    i like how fast the highroller, rolls also last a fair time with good stopping power
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