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    Marin Quake 7.1 Linkage Question


    I think one of the bolts on the forward linkage is worn out but not sure which, I'll see tomorrow when I take it apart and clean it up a bit. Does anyone know what size diameter are they? I can't find it in the service manual. Marin Quake 7.1 Linkage Question-screen-shot-2016-11-29-6.39.53-pm.png

    Thank you!

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    Yeah, gonna go prob today or tomorrow. Just wanted to know if it's a special size before going kinda like how apple has those funky screws in their old phones you can only take out if you have the right driver. Thanks Oh and nice Jedi

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    How is a bolt worn out? Riding with loose suspension/bearings can mean ovalizing the bearing receptacle, which can ruin the frame.
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