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    Making the move to clipless

    I'm seriously considering making the move to clipless on my dh bike. Whenever I finally get my trail bike built, I'll have clipless on that too so I just want to be consistent! I know its kind of a personal preference thing, so I won't be asking if I should or shouldn't (if I hate clipless on my dh bike, i'll just put them on my trail bike, so I won't lose anything). My question is just if anyone has any good recommendations for shoes and pedals since this is a completely new arena for me

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    I like Shimano shoes and pedals. The DX M647 clipless are awesome and hard to kill. Shoes that have the cleat position farther back than normal/XC are good 'cause you can drop your heel without stretching your Achilles tendon too far.

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    I've been riding Mallets for close to 5 years. Picked up a set of the DH Race version recently, and will say that they're a huge improvement over the last generation. The OG ones with metal body and traction pins were really good, and they definitely replicated that feeling with these pedals.

    FWIW I have the 5.10 clipless Minaar shoes. Work great if you need to get off the bike to push it back up the hill.

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    Yep, Mallet DHs. There's a reason that a huge portion of the clipless DH riders use them. The latest version is great. The platform is nice and big to add some stability, VERY easy to clip into and out of in a hurry, zero mud clogging issues, and a bit of float so you don't accidentally release if your foot squirms around a bit. That part about fast clil-ins is very valuable to me. Worst feeling in the world is still struggling to get clipped in while you're rolling into something steep and scary.

    And yes, they can be used as flats for small sections if needed. They're not great as flats by any stretch, but they're functional if needed for practicing a certain obstacle until you're comfortable with it. Some 5.10s and Mallet DHs are about as good as you can get in my opinion.
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    Been ridin' 646'z for over 10 yrs, getting ready to drop some coin on th DH Mallets soon, they quit making the 646'z yrz ago...damnit.
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    Just a thought. when you have to bail and slide in a berm or harsh turn or even casting over a double bump bailing and that plastic pad on the cleat catches the loamy earth beneath you or at worst a boulder one may go head over heels and plant the face. i have seen it happen to 25+ year veterans. just a thought there is always a good side to them as well...
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    I use an old 646? for DH, but will replace them with 647s when wore out. I use 647s on my other big, but not as DH big, bikes too. Using the multi-release cleat, I have no problem getting my feet down. I do not think I would try using single-release cleats--that could result in pain for me.

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