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    Looking for my first freeride - Clueless!

    Hey guys, summer is just about to kick in and I'm looking for my first bike preferably to do some freeride.

    My budget is max 1000$ I was thinking of going used to save some cash, but not exactly sure where to start for my first ride.

    I've been looking at my local craigslist and came across this Giant STP 1 the guy was asking 700$ I got him down to 500$ not sure if that's a good deal I believe it's the 2007 model

    If not what else is a good direction to go? I'm looking for something I could do light commuting and start messing around with to do some jumps maybe hit some trails!

    I'm 5'9" 170lbs not sure if that has an influence just putting it out there haha

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    The STP is is a good bike, but it is mainly a slopestyle/dirt jump bike. It's great if you're hitting manicured dirt jumps, but not so great for commuting or general trail riding. If you want to do a bit of everything, I might have a look at something like a Santa Cruz Bullitt. It can withstand major abuse, is still a very respected bike, and can do a bit of everything. It's not as good at dirt jump lines as the STP, but it's a ton better at everything else.

    Another good bit-of-everything bike might be something like a Giant Reign.
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    For what you're looking to do I'd try to find an older Santa Cruz Chameleon.

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