Hi there, I am looking for a DH bike, but right now money is tight so I cant put down the ca.4000 to 6000usd a 2011 bike would cost (at least my choices)

I always liked the IH Sunday, and still have a 7.3 around as a backup bike, I am 175cm and from riding the medium 7.3 and the small Glory of my brother I figured out I would go for a Sunday medium sized. (help in the sizing department would be apreciated)

I am particulary looking for the 2008 Sunday Expert ( I Love the look on this particular one ) frame + shock , or complete. But I am also open to any medium IH Sunday 2008 onwards....

I am not looking for a piece of junk , I know most of these bikes will have scratches, and marks , but I am not looking for a frame without any dings, dents, or big crashes on it .

I am truly looking for the best frame available out there. I am very specific on finding 2008, 2009 .... so please dont PM me frames or bikes below 2008 models

Do you guys know if there are still some out there?? maybe someone who had one and didnt ride it much?

IF I buy a Sunday, I will also be looking for a complete spare rear triangle, since sadly IH went out horrendously out of the business and I want a bike to last me some, I kinda need this spares.

I would appreciate any info.