Hey guys!

I would like to interest you with the trip to Indian Himalayas, which we are planning this year.

Ladakh Freeride Expedition 2013

We are the 4 person team from Poland that is planning a MTB trip to taste some real trail-freeride in Indian Himalayas, in Ladakh to be more specific. Main goal is to reach Chamser Kangri (6622 m/21726 ft.) summit and then descend it. If we succeed, it will probably be the world record in highest altitude mountain biking.

photo: Paweł Goleman, View at the Chamser Kangri

Check out our previous adventures on Born to Roam - freeride i folklor - enduro mtb, all mountain, downhill and Ghetto Freeriderz / G3R. They are both in Polish but you can still take a look on photos. Previous international adventures included highest peaks in Sierra Nevada (Spain), volcanoes in Mexico, +6000 peaks in Andes (Chile), Mt. Toubkal in Marocco, fjords in Norway and Georgian Caucasus.

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If you would like to help us make our dream come true, visit Ladakh Freeride Expedition 2013 - MTB in Himalayas | Indiegogo and donate us

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