I've been riding for years now and owned a stab last season. I had to sell it for financial reasons and now im looking into getting another bike.

I want something that can handle the DH but still ride up when i ride my local trails.

So far I have my eye on a 2009 stinky 6 or a 2007 marin quake 7.2

The stinky has less end parts but seems like was well taken care of. The marin is stock, which has the dhx 5.0 and 66 forks but the owner says it hasnt been serviced ever by him. This is what scares me. They are both the same price (600) but im worried the marin will need alot of work put into it while the kona is ready to roll with new Domain RC forks and a fresh rebuild on them.

Im trying to research alot on both bikes. There are haters and lovers for both but my conclusion thus far is that the marins suspension system is superior to the kona. And for this reason, it keeps me interested in the quake.

What are all your thoughts on this?