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    Keep my 09 Totem coil or get Lyrik DH coil? (or Van 36 RC2)

    I ride a Bottlerocket with a beefy build, it's my only bike so has to be able to handle downhilling, jumps/Fr stuff and also XC loops.
    It currently weighs around 38 lbs

    I built it up with tapered Totems for a Whistler trip earlier in the year and they worked great.
    Now I'm home in "sunny" Wales, I find they are a bit over the top (and heavy) for trail riding but love them when riding DH and drops etc.

    I've got hold of some tapered Van36 RC2 fit 160mm forks with a view to swapping forks over depending on the ride but just found out that I can't get a spare crown race until the end of September (Gravity 1 DX pro headset)

    I've been hearing good things about the Lyrik coil DH 170 forks (tapered) but they are about £670 here.
    How much abuse can they take? Are they loads less stiff than Totems?
    Should I sell the Totem and Van 36 to buy some Lyrik DH

    Or I could just sell the Totems and use the 36s (Not so good for bottoming out on drops?)

    At the moment I mostly like riding jumps, hips and drops so would like the lighter weight but worried I'll miss the beefy confidence of the Totems.

    Anyone ridden 09 Totems, Lyrik DH coil & Van36 fit RC2 back to back?


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    The Lyric dh sounds like the fork for most of your riding. It is a bit less robust than the Totem, but stiffer than the 160mm 36. Keep the Totem for Whistler and the like, the Lyric will be plenty for anything else. The Lyric w/ dh cart is a wonderful fork, I love mine.

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    echoing 1SR, I love my lyrik DH. had a 66 on the Highline and now have the Lyrik on a delirium. a slighty lighter chassis than the 66, but better balanced for Trail riding and the cart/dampening is F'n all time. I am constantly amazed at what a great job it does handle highspeed and lowspeed hits!

    that being said I miss the stiffer fork when riding true gnarly DH-----> so with both you'd be dialed

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    Thanks for the info
    I'd love to have both forks but it's not possible due to no job=no money
    It's one or the other :boo hoo:
    That's why I'm a bit stuck as to what to do.
    I don't ride much really rocky stuff so that's not too much of an issue but I do worry about how the Lyrik will handle big drops and casing jumps etc
    (although Graham Agassiz seems to do ok with Lyriks on his Kona entourage)

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    I too have a Delirium with a Lyrik 170 DH Coil.
    I love it for everything but gnar, it does ok, but I would like stiffer.
    ( I am a Clyde at 210 tho )
    So, I would agree, try to get the Lyrik for everyday, and keep the Totem for the gnar.


    ps, I am thinking of getting an older Totem Coil and rebuilding using an Avy cartridge for the rides when the Lyrik is not enough fork.

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    Both...I have a Totem on my Delirium T which is great for DH but overkill the rest of the year for all mountain and XC riding. I have a Lyrik 170mm coil on order that should be in my hands in a few days. (wanted a solo air, but found a deal on a coil with a 1.5 steerer that I could not pass up)

    The Totem is a great fork but it is relatively heavy and big. I am hoping to pick up a little bit of flick-ability by simply loosing some of the shear mass of the Totem.

    You might seem some closeouts coming on the Lyriksas the 2012 RS line up should be out soon.

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    get a new 36 atlas, 180 or 140 of squish. I have one on my wildcard and its very nice. Nicer in my opinion than my dads lyric w/ a the dh cart.

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    OP, save the trouble and buy an Mission Control DH damper for your Totem: Totem Mission Control DH Compression Damper @

    Either that, or do the "floodgate mod" on your existing mission control. It totally changes the feel of the fork.

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