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    Iranian Grand Prix DH.. ( many Pix )

    Don’t know but my MTB passion is not like the good old days and seems its never gona get back to the glory days……

    Once apon time I was willing to get on a good descent bike and was dreaming of them day and night.. Ridding all week…from dawn to dusk……
    And now I have plenty of bikes and a whole lot of parts and components…..Im more into selling and maintenance than into the biking its self…
    Never mind ….im pushing up more again after my trip to SW Asia and am going to use my spare time more for ridding its self …….after all all the other things come from the ridding origin !! don’t they….the friendships ‘ the knowledge ‘ the experience ‘ the open mind ‘ the freshness………..

    Im going to write you down a pictorial report from the recent race I was in…..and afterwards ill put my trip story to the SW Asia also…..but before those I have to mention the reason why im not showing up and pumping the piX and reports like as before….
    The basic reason is that with in the last 2 years I was working on my own local MTB board…..with I closed down due to all the time it took from me… Im mainly on FB and use PB as a photo bank too….because many of our locals have shown up in these two sites… FB so they can communicate in our own language..And in OB as its all about piX..!!

    But I intend to stop lurking and surfing on useless fun type .time wasting on FB and keep the progress up here….You know MTBR was and is my base for learning technical mechanical skills as every one is ready for fresh answers on every thing here…..Also is my secret place to put my everyday ridding fells ‘ shots ‘ and reports ….ill talk about the reasons later…….

    Let not get far from the original thread and get into the race…..yeah……this year we hade major changes in our ridding scene in Iran some big companies started working on their dealers….like Sram…Specialized ‘ Scott’ And besides them more and more high end bikes are being imported by individuals …..
    The riders themselves have improved a lot…….for ordinary people and amateur riders spending 700-800 $ on recreational bikes have become normal and we have a large number of people in this category who are increasing very fast…..The main thing which leads to this I think is the overall cultural manners and behaviors which seem to have got a way lot better than the past years…..Bikes are accepted as a luxury sport and although the luxury posing has some side effects on the sport but after all it is making more and more people to buy and use bikes and to spend more money and time and care on them that is marvelous….

    On the other side between the bike addicts and racers spending loads of bucks isn’t that much hard either…. We don’t see riders to abuse low profiled components or to have problems in purchasing a acceptable ride……maybe still affording a 5 K and over rig is not accessible for every one but it isn’t like that in your side of the globe either ….

    And this time we had the first ever cash rewarded race…..the amount of the prizes weren’t that much but after all it was nice and good to have it for the first time…..we had prizes up to the 15Th finishers……starting with 300 $ for the winner on both DH & XC…..

    For my self it was around a year I hadn’t had participated in national races….( mention that I don’t race my self any more for 2 years.. I enjoy my time with pals and selling stuff ‘’ finding new costumers and shooting good pix on the race !! ) only for the race we had in our own home tow this spring…..

    From Tehran we set of for Qazvin ‘ the city on which the race was going to be held on
    We packed our bikes on a pick up of a pals dad…..His dad drove us on a 2 hour trip to there then after a nap……drove all the way back!!!

    On the first day we were the only riders in the hotel….and used our time for sleeping and watching Earthed ‘ NWD’s and similar videos on the friends laptops….from the next morning friends started to show up gradually from all over Iran……We had two days of training on the trail…..Each day we rented a pick up on packed our rides also our selves on to the trail foot……had breakfast at an outdoor style restaurant .Then pulled up all the way to the start line then folks started shredding different sections for several times…..

    For the first day we had a nasty crash for one of the local riders from Qazvin……A front tube burst plus a broken arm…..

    you know our ridders always lacked photographic skills…..Thats why I have so few shots out of my self…

    for the day before the race even more riders came in and two others joined our gang .Our pick up had no space for us and had to rent another car for ourselves .

    The sign says : No Bikers allowed inside……( as the bikers have had some disturbance for the restaurant costumers sitting on the open area …know what I mean ? Ha ..? Dusty meals ? )

    The bad point was that I was chosen to be the who spends all the money .I found out collecting their parts night by night is not an easy task……so it was the last time I was accepting the role !!

    The best memorable parts of races are cool things we do on newbies….after all we have passed all these stages our selves and its time to pass the experience ..

    Beside those type of experiences I put some time learning the newbie some photographical skills too !! maybe he would come out as a good camera man in the future and take my role or at least shoot me good shots !!

    At last the day came……..

    And the timers started

    This was the only rider to crash and didn’t manage to finish the line ..

    The winner on the way to domination .

    And that was one great shot out of my hand. wasnt it ?

    Taking interviews ..

    After the race which had only one run .I mean no qualifying ….On the way back we had a look on the things the dirt guys had made and had learnt…

    But the cold weather fought us back..

    Before leaving for the hotel and heading back home ..we made our last adrenalinde discharges…..

    …….The rest was speaking out of memories in the car on the road back…..with pals…..
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    Nice report. Looks like fun terrain and I notice all the bikes look a lot more modern than your last reports. Keep having fun!
    Keep the Country country.

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    awesome pix, awesome ride report. hope the rider w/ the broken arm is ok. i wish DH/FR could spread to pakistan, india, jordan, other places w/ good terrain as well.
    94 Specialized Rockhopper

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    That looks like fun. Looks like a pretty gnarly course too. I didnt know so many people over there would ride DH... Looks like you had a fun day

    P.S. is the guy with the redbull helmets sponsored by redbull?

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    looks hella fun
    Quote Originally Posted by craftworks750
    Riding a mtb is like a reset button, 10 mins in and there is nothing else in the world that matters.
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    Cool---> keep on rockin' in the free world! Peace in the middle east...

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    Mkae sure you keep the passion saber, watch the vids, get out and ride more, and soon it will all come back to you!

    Ive been reading your posts for years, i remember when people only had old faiths, stabs with very old boxxers, now we got Demos, Glory's, Fox 40's 888's and even a Dorado!

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    The people with Monster helmets or the truck and red bulls are only painted for fun their not reall factory paint jobs..

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    Great photos!! Nice to see you guys are getting the more modern equipment. I think it's awesome that the sport of DH is flurishing in all parts of the world. Thanks for sharing!!

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    good stuff saber....always nice seeing your pics and reading your posts!

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    nice, i bet you have the terrain for some pretty sick lines

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    Cool to see!
    Swedish trail/AM/Enduro/DH-rider - Currently rides Spitfire V2 & Devinci Wilson SL. Spending the summer 2013 in Whistler, BC.

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