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    GoPro HD Vs VIO POV 1.5

    I'm thinking of getting camera to record video of DH runs. I'm torn between the Go Pro HD with chest mount or the VIO POV 1.5 with goggle mount. Both are the same price. Does anyone have experience of these? Which gives better quality footage (clearly the Go Pro footage is higher def but how about lens quality, dealing with different light conditions, dealing with high speed situations? etc)

    I really like the wide angle and chest mount of the Go Pro HD. However my mate had the original Go Pro and it was frankly a piece of shite that hardly ever worked - turning off mid way trough runs, munching batteries, sometimes not working with brand new batteries, image quality was soft and light management poor. We had much more success with an Archos with camera attachment.

    From what I can see Go Pro have solved most of the issues from their original model - would you agree? The HD quality looks pretty good on

    The VIO POV 1.5 is a little old now but I believe it is supposed to be a really good piece of kit. Yes the resolution is not as good as the Go Pro but I am wondering if it is the way to go. It doesn't have a chest mount but the quality and camera position from Minnaars run at Fort Bill is impressive.

    If anyone has any experience of these your thoughts and comments will be appreciated. Cheers.

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    Goggle mount = shaky footage IME.

    Go Pro fo sho
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    the gopros have changed a LOT since the first models, i know people who had the old and got the new as well, they are worlds better(the new ones)

    And the chest mount alone makes it worth it.. esp at the same price.

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    VIO just upgraded the 1.5 to be full HD aswell. I have the old 1.5 and aren't too excited about the actuall quality of the footage. It lacks to record bright colour bigtime. See a little video here

    Note that the worlds worst program called windows movie maker eats allot of the frame rate, but the raw footage looks the same. This is on max setting with a-class batts and high quality memory card. Also note that this is shot as you can see with a goggle strap mount, the idea is that you use a bit more tightness on the strap than normal to balance the weight of the camera, overall i'd say it's a decent way to mount it.

    However the recording unit is super solid and takes allot of beating - ideal for us bikers. Not only during rides but also during the time it spends in your suitcase. But my main problem is ofcourse the cable, it's annoying as hell cause it gets caught behind anything quickly. Also with it being permanently connected to the camera, if you manage to damage one of the attached opponents it's either an expensive repair or even more expensive to replace both.

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    as the other guy said vio have just launched a full hd version of the pov, so could be worth looking at,
    i had an original go pro as you said it was crap never worked propper and i was never really impressed, thats why i switched to contour, i got a hd 720 version and the 1080p as well i am very impressed with both, quality is good easy to use but not as many mounting options as gopro. my only complaint is it struggles to cope with light change at speed. like if you are moving in and out of shaded areas on a suny day, but the go pro and the pov also suffer from this.
    my brother has a pov 1.5 and he loves it, we have taken some awesome quality vifs with it, and i am pretty dam sure you could bodge up a chest mount if you wanted to.
    both are great cameras am sure you wont be dissapointed whatever you choose.

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