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    Giant Faith/Voltage FR and dual/single crown?

    So I love my faith, it feels great, but not perfect. I rode it at northstar, and it feel great on jumps, but sketchy when trying to carry speed into the rough. The steeps also get to me a bit, I'm guessing because the HA is about 67ish degrees.

    I posted an ad mentioning I would be interested in trading my Totem for a dual crown. First off, do ya'll think a dual crown would help? I'd need a new headset, and could probably swing an angleset as well (tapered). that should drop the Ha to 64 or 65 (or would it). Would that even be worth it? would it help, or make the bike feel funny? I know Sorge ran an 888 on his faith at rampage in 2010, but he is Sorge, so I don't know if it would be good for me.

    Second, I found a potential trade. It's a guy with a fully custom 2012 Voltage 20 (the red one that came with a dual crown domain). He's changed the wheels for Mavic 831's, the shock to a vivid air, and the fork to a 2012 boxxer RC (it's red too, which is pretty). Would it be a good fork for fork trade? I don't know much about boxxers, but the RC is pretty low end compared to my totem R2C DH air isn't it?

    He also mentioned doing a straight bike for bike trade? Opinions on voltage vs Faith? I like the geo of the Voltage better (65 deg HA, 16.7" chainstay) but heard about a lot of flex issues. But vivid airs are awesome! I'm still functionality over looks though...

    I'm looking to ride a bit more agressive DH that I can on my faith right now, but am more focused on jumping and freeride. Should I just suck it up on the downhills and keep my totem for freeride and jumping, or would swapping for a dual crown make the downhills more comfy while not changing jumping too much? Also thoughts on strait trade for the voltage?

    Giant Faith/Voltage FR and dual/single crown?-resizedimage_1372732466228.jpgGiant Faith/Voltage FR and dual/single crown?-faith-001.jpg

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    My Voltage did have some rear flex but nothing that hindered my riding and was more fun on Live Wire type trails than Boondocks. As far a Boxxers go, I have read alot of negative about them but really love mine. I have a 2012 R2C2 and never had a problem with it. Just replaced the damper with an Avalanche Cartridge so it got even better (have the damper and rebound cart for sale if interested). I also have a Vivid Air on my AM bike and it is an amazing shock. Feels very coil like and I am very impressed with it.

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    Hey dude, that's a tough one.

    You're kind of asking the Faith to do something it's not really intended to do (be a downhiller). It's more of a "freeride" bike. I've heard a lot of people complain about the head angle on the glory, so I have to imagine the faith might fall under the same category. If you go for a triple clamp fork, you may be able to raise the crowns and thereby slacken the HA. It'll also raise your bars, and effectively shorten your cockpit, if that matters. Anglesets are awesome tools when they work right. I run a 1.5" AS, using a -1* and -0.5* cup in my bike. You might be able to do something similar, and get a little more relax out of the head angle by using two negative cups, rather than the one negative and one zero cup that they recommend. Works components also makes angled reducers. There's no reason you *can't* run a dual crown fork on that frame.

    As for the fork swap, that's a tough one. You have a fork that has an air spring, adjustable rebound and hi and low speed compression, vs. a fork that has low speed compression and rebound, and coil springs. It also has the motion control vs. mission control dampers, and while I don't know exactly what the difference is, the moco is supposedly inferior to the mico. In other words, you're going from a top end fork to a mediocre one, but gaining a crown. I don't think I'd do it. I think I'd look for a way to relax the head angle with the components you have.

    As for the bike trades, it's hard to say without knowing all the components and their use, but the voltage is a neat bike. It has a (relatively) slack head angle at 65, dropouts that can be crazy short or long (16.1", 16.7, or 17.2), a short seat tube (great for DH), and a nice progressive linkage. I almost bought one, but the one I looked at had issues. One question, does the shock have compression? There are two models of vivid air, R, and R2c. Not much sense in buying a high end shock without compression adjustment. The fork should be functional and you can always upgrade the damper later. I think this is one trade that I might actually go for, if the rest of the components are similar...although I have heard that the vivid air doesn't suit the voltage well, so you may run into tuning issues.

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    My opinion, keep the Totem and get a Works angle headset. This would be an inexpensive way to see if it is the geo holding you back. I run a Totem on my DH bike, which is slacker then yours, and it works pretty good in the rough.

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    Faith is a sweet bike. I say try a 2* slacker HS.

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