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    New question here. Ergon GA1 Leichtbau for DH???

    Is anyone using Ergon GA1 Leichtbau grips for Downhill???

    I know the brand well, and I love their GA All Mountain grips, the best out there,

    But I am wondering if the GA1 Leichtbau are any good for DH??
    anyone has experience downhill experience with them?

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    Not me personally, but I know a local/regional pro who uses them. He's had a lot of wrist injuries, so he says they help out a lot taking pressure off of the wrists on hard g-outs and drops and such. I asked if they limit his ability to lay the bike over in turns and whatnot and he said they didn't. Giver a try!
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    Thanks, , as mentioned, I used all kind of grips for my AM bike, and then once I gave the GA standard AM a try, and I guess I will never use anything else than Ergon for that purpose.

    I was wondering about the GA1 Leichtbau precisely because my brother has had some wrist injuries downhilling, and the last time we rode his hands were numb, which I find odd, so I was thinking of givig him these as a gift, but I wanted to know if you loose grip or feel due to the ergon design.

    I hope I can get a couple more hands.on experience, but I guess they should be as good as my GA std.

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    They are wonderfully ergonomically shaped and feel good under hand. but they are a stiff grip so if you are looking for something to assist with absorbing shocks from big hits I dont think this is so great for that. In other aspects, like when descending and you need to adjust your grip where the heel of your hand is more to the back of the grip rather than near the top when you are "normally" riding the grip is contoured so that it is shaped to fit in your hand...again..a very well thought out and designed grip. Comfort and control for long rides but is definitely not a squishy impact dispersing grip. Perhaps its more for AM and enduro than DH...but honestly I'm speculating.

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