dh cassette compatibility

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  • 07-27-2013
    dh cassette compatibility
    the sram x0 dh rear derailleur, is said to be compatible with max 28 cog in the cassette.

    i am thinking to put a 32 max rear cog, has anyone tried it? does it work or will i waste my money?

    thank you!!
  • 07-27-2013
    I have a 36 tooth rear cassette (yes I am lazy) and run a short x9 derailleur no problems.
  • 07-28-2013
    same here..... on my dt i run my short cage x9 with a 36 tooth cass, and on my chromag i have a short cage xo with 36 tooth cass, both work fine, not sure if the dh mech is any differant,