Deemax 2007/08 Pawl sys.

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  • 12-30-2012
    Deemax 2007/08 Pawl sys.
    Actually i was looking at Dee Max ITS4 system pictures on the net....

    I remembered mine had a major difference with them...
    In the newer models the pawl & spring system in which each pawl has an individual spring a tiny coil spring underneath it. like these in sun Ringle

    But in my Deemaxes that are a 2007/08 model there is a single circular spring with sloted pawls like this

    Should it be like that or the previous owner has changed the whole freehub body ?

    And some other questions ?

    1 - in the second system with a circular spring should the two ends of the spring overlap like the one shown in the pic when installed on the hub ? Or no thats only the neutral position and on the hub the diameter extends round its slot to male the spring more tense therefore the two ends wont overlap ?

    2 - In the Deemax ITS4 what would exactly happen if i take out a pair of the pawls ? would it cause any damage to the hub ? or no simply the engagement pitch would be twice ?
    By the engagement pitch i mean the angle that the cassette would revolve free before a pawl or a set would engage. What do you call that in English ?

  • 01-01-2013
    Nah.....over 70 views and nobody got an answer ?
  • 01-01-2013
    Tim F.
    Have set of 2012 Dee max, but haven't taken apart the freehub yet.
  • 01-08-2013
    If you remove pawls you will be putting more pressure on the remaining pawls, probably causing premature failure. I am not sure if it would have any effect on the engagement, though. Typically, more pawls = better engagement, so I'm assuming your engagement would suck, and those Deemax's aren't known for great engagement to begin with.