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    I'd have to question that - tons of bmx guys went to mtb at one time or another. Brian Lopes, Pete Loncarevich, Tinker Juarez, Toby Henderson, Cheri Eliot...

    I agree, way too young to be an original BMX convert. Most of the BMX guys I knew in the late 70s had moved over to mountain biking by the 80s.
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    .hes 30 yo, knows his window is closing, and has done poor at the past two rampages.....

    ?? 3rd place in 2010 is not a "poor" performance, in fact, many think his run was the best overall, but Zink's 360 was just too massive...
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    CONTOUR - Cam McCaul Crashes hard at the Winterberg Red Bull Bergline - YouTube

    Darren Berrecloth to the rescue. Watch to the end. Awesome guy.

    Haha, that's awesome! Although I had a shoulder separation once where my friend thought it was dislocated and almost did the same thing. Luckily we waited for the X-ray since yanking on a separated shoulder will just tear more ligaments (vs. dislocated where it pops back in place).
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    He has every right to be at Rampage, he's a great rider and is helping to push the sport and for the most part is a decent spokesperson for the discipline. Unfortunately, he annoys the hell out of me and i can't stand watching him talk, he does indeed come across as a ******. When interviewed at WTTE he acted like he was 'too cool to be answering these dumb questions'.

    The other end of the spectrum, and the picture of a humble, down to earth professional is Cam McCaul. HE is a LEGEND.
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    My only exposure to any of these guys is through the videos, but whenever I think of DB, I think of the scene in Seasons when he comes back from CA and seeing the ramp Cam McCaul has set up in his backyard into his pool, and thinks, "you know, I bet I could do that at this flooded quarry." Then you see him jumping in a wetsuit and shivering by a fire.
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    Uncle Six Pack

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    ...the picture of a humble, down to earth professional is Cam McCaul. HE is a LEGEND.

    Cam lost me on Strength in Numbers Post Office segment when he put down his teachers for wanting him to do his best at school... "Well, we're all doing pretty well anyway" or something spiteful to that effect.

    Yeah, Cam, for every pro who is doing pretty well, there are hundreds of others who are NOT going to be biking for a living... or even lucky enough to get a bike industry related career.

    Kids would probably make out better listening to their teachers than this "down to earth professional".
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    I agree, way too young to be an original BMX convert. Most of the BMX guys I knew in the late 70s had moved over to mountain biking by the 80s.

    I think he was saying the Claw was the first successful freestyle/dj mtb convert.
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    I like him he does well and can do a frontflip soo..... yea
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    actually I thought the opposite. When DB first came onto the scene in the early 2000's, I thought who is this BMX schmuck that goes big, does little fancy BMX tricks and wrecks. Thought he was the BMX version of Bender...good for entertainment! More interested in watching real rock stars like Super T. Schley, Tippie, Simmions, etc, that went bigger and landed their stuff. The real big mountain riders. Not a fan of slope style and I always blamed DB for that whole scene getting off the ground. Since Rampage '10 I started liking the guy. Something happened and he started going more Big Mountain riding, doing some of the if not the sickest lines of the Rampage that year, and this past year...after seeing his little video WTTE, he is a rock star in my book now. Less tight pant tricks, and more actual big line riding.
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    Great Vids!!
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    I haven't been following darren for very long. My exposure to him is all the Rampage events. Can't that guy land ANYTHING? I am sure he is great at DJ but he has no business at Rampage.

    Also got a chance to see him interviewed at the "Where the trail ends" RedBull premiere. He came across as a ******bag.

    Can anyone tell me why he is famous?

    i imagine this guy never retries the lines he does not stuff. i imagine he just says it is an impossible line.
    i like that Darren is willing to retry his lines (which are INSANE) in front of spectators. i like practicing the gnar on my own so my crashes are a secret, but here is a world-class rider who is willing to do it in front of all of us.
    Bearclaw is a sick rider in terms of big-mountain freeride, slopestyle and dirt jumping, and his place in those competitions is unquestionable. Plus, he's a nice guy.
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    everyone has their own taste in riders. growing up watching bender, schley, dangerous dan, krispy, and of course all the ol school guys just huckin stair sets. i hate brett tippie. his voice and over enthusiasm just kills it for me. darren is just a beast, he still rides bmx, keeps up with the mtb and pushes the limits.

    ill keep up with CG more then anything. hes just a crazy frenchman with a smooth riding style.