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    Tosh is easily one of the funniest guys out there today. The only thing is you have a have a true sense humor because he is way over the top on a lot of stuff. If you let things offend you on any level rather than understanding it's only a joke, you probably won't be a fan of his for too long.

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    1. Tosh Rocks
    2. What was the injury outcome for Zink on that run?
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    he wasnt that bad during the clip. ill only watch the show and not his stand up.

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    Lol, Tosh's comments were way funny! Great stuff. I remember seeing that clip when the episode first aired and I was laughing me arse off at the time. Plus I was happy to see some mountain bike action on TV.
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    Tosh is so funny. That jump is ridiculous. I could throw the baseball with my dad (65 yrs old), or shoot hoops. I can't throw my dad on a bike and say, try this! It's the same course as the pros.

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