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    Cool-blue Rhythm Coyote DH3 Project


    Just bought my first FS project for DH. It's a Coyote DH3 and I paid 200 for it.

    Current spec is:
    Front - Rockshox Tora 302 SL (100mm!?!?!)
    Rear - Fox Vanilla RC
    Brakes - Hayes Sole Hydraulics
    Gears - Shimano Deore
    Front Rim - Specialized Alex Rim RHD
    Rear Rim - Alex Rim DP17

    Forks feel short, heavy and too harsh. Totally unbalances the feel of the bike. Suggestions for a more suitable fork? Ideally low budget and second hand (I'll service them myself) but with more like 200 travel?

    First jobs are servicing the brakes and trying to set up the gears enough to get it down a track to see what I really think of it!

    Gears are wrecked, seems to have three sprockets on the front but no place to hang a derailleur??? Cant get the rears to line up with the 8 sprockets and the handlebar gear lever is broken. Should be fairly easy to fix all of these though.

    So far, well chuffed.

    Many of these bikes around these days?

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    The rear shock set up is sooo adjustable - looks like I could try some really interesting combos here. Currently looks like it set up as follows:
    top hole at the bb pivot
    middle hole at the rear pivot by the axel
    middle of the 5 holes on the frame
    pivot plates upside down and using the middle of the three holes

    with a 2.25 stroke fox vanilla RC

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