I have had my 40 for a little over a year now. It came on my bike and I never adjusted the settings except change the spring for a stiffer one, and rebound. Was always happy with the performance, but I changed my oil and decided to do a little bit of research on what settings everyone is running, and compare it to what i have been riding on.

When counting my adjustment clicks, I adjust the dials all the way to the closed(+) position and turn the dial to the (-).

In my findings, I found several forum members personal settings, and I also found a PinkBike feature where they did a report on the settings of several Fox riders bikes. The general consensus i thought that i had found, was that running the HS/LS adjusters near the middle of their range would be a fairly popular set up and should be a good starting point. Meanwhile keeping the LS adjusted 2/3 more clicks to the + side than the HS. It was my understanding that this would ensure the forks full damper circuit is used properly, and to keep the fork from blowing through its travel.

Reading a different thread, I saw Udi used to have his 40 setup with the HS dial with 0 clicks, so being fully closed in the (+) position, and running his LS about 12 clicks, or about 50% of the adjustment range. This goes against almost everything I have read, but Udi seems to know what he is talking about so I wanted to create this thread to get some sort of clarification.

I weigh 180-185 fully geared, and am running the green steel spring.

When I counted my adjustment clicks that I had been running, I found that I was way off. My rebound and preload and spring rate were spot on, but my HS/LS was way off compared to what everyone is running.

Here is what I have settled on as to what I thought would be a good setting to start on this weekend when I go ride next.

Spring: Green
Preload: ~1 (just enough to engage spring)
Rebound: starting at full closed (+) -9 clicks
HS: starting at full closed (+) -14 clicks
LS: starting at full closed (+) -11 clicks