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    best budget stem 40mm or under?

    hey guys im wondering what are some good options for a mtb stem, a short one. I did try a hussefelt but it was too big for the bar, I have a specialized hardrock and I don't know what the right size would be for it?? ive been stuck on both of these questions for awhile, any help would be highly appreciated

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    Define budget.

    Renthal Duo 40 is a great stem. $100 +/-
    Kore Rivera is a great stem. $40-$60 +/-
    Spank Spoon is a great stem. $40 +/-

    You need to know your bar diameter.
    31.8 is the current standard.
    Old standard is 25.4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Landon Klausing View Post
    I have a specialized hardrock and I don't know what the right size would be for it??
    Longer than 40mm!

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    im a big fan of, and all our bikes run chromag stems, the hardtails and trail bikes run chromag ranger and dh bikes run bza. also run chromag bars to as i like the feel of them, for me the rise and sweep feels perfect.
    you asked for budget stems, check out Quality Mountain and Road Bike Components Direct to Your Door - Superstar Components they are very reasonble on price. with good products.

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    If its too big for the bar maybe you have one of the older smaller diameter bars? Anyways, with stems just pick the one you like the look of and can afford

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