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    Azonic B52 or Demo 7/8 ?

    For 1300 bucks the Azonic B52 seems like a deal or should i just save up 600 more for a new Demo? Im open to anyones opinions or suggestions to either one of these frames, other brands etc... 7.5-8 inches is perfect for most resorts i ride at, I will be using my 66 rc2x or SL, i dont need a dual crown anymore. Has anyone gotten the chance to ride the Azonic yet?

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    get a demo don't waste your money on a B 52. They have an issue with the back tire rubbing on the frame when you bottom it out. Specialized is the only way.

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    I can tell you first hand that the B-52 is just a poorly designed catalog frame. A guy I ride with has broken the rear swing arm and snapped the ISCG tabs clean off of his. Its not so much the fact that it broke, its the fact that Azonic takes for ever to do anything about it, his swing arm took 2.5 months to get replaced and they still haven't done anything for him about the ISCG tabs, they basically said they don't have any extra front triangles so they cant warranty it. Go with the Demo out of those two choices.

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