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    Arkansans invade the dirty south, pictures

    Biker3 and TheSherpa drove all the way from Arkansas over to here to do some riding out east. They got in Greenville around midnight sunday and we rode monday at the trails and dirt jumps. We shuttled pisgah the next day but all the pics are from the DJs. Sorry Will, I didn't end up getting any of you though.

    Me and Jesse scoped this line out and hit it on our way from the jumps to the trails. I hadn't hit this side of it and it turned out to be a fun little drop to tranny.

    In the Desert trails, which have now become the jungle trails.

    BEFORE. (desert)

    NOW. (jungle)

    and at the dirt jumps.

    and last, James got his no footers really dialed that day.

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    Very cool pictures-those jumps look like something I could actually do!
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    Quote Originally Posted by red5
    the thingamajig that's attached to the doohickey is causing some issues with the whatchamacallit. But whatever it is your going to have take'er apart a give'er a looksee.
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    Ugh...judging drops on MTBR is like guys judging their own penis size.

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    that jungle pic looks sweet...

    how big are ur doubles...
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob
    everybody was dressed nice...I had shorts, Rogue T-shirt and sandles

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    Quote Originally Posted by BJ-

    how big are ur doubles...
    I dunno, they are all different sizes. Some are just speed jumps and some are steeper and bigger air, we have like 15 or so at the jumps.

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